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Three disguisedly unemployed cinephiles, after one too many drinks, decided that it would be a good idea (not innovative though) to create a meme-based card game. The next day the drinks did flush out of their systems, but this idea didn’t and from there Meme-O-Mania was born.

While other people were losing money in cryptocurrency and stocks, we thought of finding a new way of losing money! Hence, we decided to go ahead with this idea of developing a meme-based card game. Our initial thought was we could develop this game in 10-15 days max with investment of few thousands. And BAM! After 5 months and few lakhs down, we had our game ready. We basically overran the time and cost, just like any other government project!

Following is the team of lazy asses responsible for this amazing game:



CMO – Chief Meme Officer

BA BA is the white sheep of the team! Although he doesn’t have any bags of wool, he does have bag full of Memes! If cracking joke was an Olympic sport, BABA would have made India proud! BABA walks and talks Memes. It would be fair to say that he didn’t choose this game, this game chose him!

Fun Fact: This game chose BABA because he had money, and Bunny & Jack didn’t.


CPO – Chief Printing officer

Bunny was the first one to hop on to this idea! With his experience in printing industry, the idea felt like home for him. He has spent endless hours on curating the cards, fixing the technicalities while BABA and JACK were doing things that they are best at: Nothing! Till the time Bunny finds out a way to print money, he is going to continue with the idea of printing cards!

Fun Fact: Bunny is single and he can sweep you off your feet with his dancing skills.



Head of Secret Santa Committee

If weight was the criteria, then Jack has contributed most to this game! Jack is a gemini and just like a typical gemini he has two sides to him. On a good day, he can really tickle your funny bone, and on other days he can make you pull your hair with his jokes! This game was developed when Jack was having his good days (or we think so).

Fun Fact: Jack can betray any one for two Wada Pavs.

Baba Bunny & Jack are B grade version of Amar, Akbar & Anthony and C grade version of Raju, Shyam and Baburao.


Long story short, we are fun loving people and the real motivation for us to work behind this game was the fact that we would be able to make people smile and laugh their hearts out! After multiple deliberations, tons of chickening out and lots of debates we finally created this game for you and your family and friends to enjoy! This game is our attempt to bring smile & laughter to your gathering. (also, some money to our banks)

PS: If you are reading this, do know that are three people in this world who want to bring that beautiful smile on your face! Cheers!

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